Multicultural Council of Wellington Inc. (MCCW) Announces New Executive Committee for 2013

The MCCW welcomed six new executive members to its board at the AGM held on 9th July 2013 and the Council announced its current officers.

"Each of the members elected onto the council today bring a unique perspective and direction, as well as invaluable input borne of experience actively participating in events and committees," said Mr Ravindran Annamalai, nominated President of MCCW. "We would like to thank the outgoing President Mr Mohamud Mohamed and Secretary Ms Geeta Balakrishnan for their enormous contributions and valuable work and wish both the very best for their future," said Mr Ravindran.

Ravindran confirmed that the new executive members meet MCCW’s criteria set out in constitution; the incoming executive committee to reflect the diverse ethnic composition of the Council’s membership in terms of geography and community size. The new executive term will span from 9 July, 2013, to July 8, 2014.

The following individuals were elected onto the MCCW’s executive committee, to serve one year term:

Ravindran Annamalai

Wellington Mutamizh Sangam

Vice President
Samson Sahele
Refugee Links Aotearoa - New Zealand

Narine Apresyan
Armenian Association of Wellington

Lonie Martin
HIYAS Wellington Cultural Group

Committee Member
Sudarshan Gaddam Sailender
Wellington Mutamizh Sangam

Committee Member
Prem Singh
Wellington Hindu Society

Committee Member
Mafaz Sayed
Youth coordinator

The vision of the new executive committee is to build on the platform established by the executive team and to take the council a step further by putting together innovative ideas, collaborating with existing networks and partners and mobilise into action creating a vibrant era for multiculturalism in our beautiful island nation.

Multicultural Council of Wellington Inc. (MCCW) Announces New Executive Committee for 2013

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