This section contains all the documents in respect to the Organisation's existence. We constantly updating this section therefore feel free to re-visit. Please note that, although these documents are free for you to download and view, when downloaded become uncontrolled and protected by copy rights. If there is a document that you wish to view and it is not on this section, as we are transparent, feel free to send us a request for the document you wish to access and after our solicitor agrees with your request, we will be more than happy to oblige.

Application for Alteration of Rules 2016

Alteration of Rules 2016

Alteration of Rules 2015

Multicultural Council of Wellington Strategic Plan 2015-2018

Alteration of Rules 2011

Name Alteration

Annual Accounts 2007

Auditors Report 2006

Annual Accounts 2005

Auditors Report 2004

Financial Statement 2003

Auditors Report 2000

Financial Statement 2004

Initial Constitution 1988


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