Key Partners 

We have a wide range of organisations with whom we partner to enable the Council to achieve our Strategic Goal of enabling healthy and vibrant ethnic communities to fully contribute to the economic and social well-being of Wellington. We are gathering below our partners' thoughts on how Wellington will benefit by the Multicultural Council achieving this goal.

Berlinda ChinThe Office of Ethnic Communities Te Tari Matawaka
Former Director, Berlinda Chin

The Office of Ethnic Communities works with government agencies, non-government organisations and ethnic communities to support integrated, resilient communities that recognise and understand the social and economic advantages of a diverse nation. In addition to being the ‘coolest little capital in the world’, Wellington is also renowned as a ‘cultural capital’ bursting with the creativity and charisma that comes from having such a diverse population. Sharing and celebrating our many beliefs and traditions is essential to establishing that sense of belonging, safety and wellbeing whilst also enabling us all to retaining our cultural identity.

As a country recognised for its ethnic diversity, it’s important that we nurture and celebrate this wealth of knowledge, experience and culture for us to grow and prosper as an inclusive, vibrant society. "You have your own culture. Never let it go. Hold onto that and I’ll give you mine as well" - Judith Te Hiwi.

Justin LesterWellington City Council
Mayor Justin Lester

Vibrant multicultural communities are a key part of what makes Wellington a great place to live. I want to live in a Wellington that encourages all people to value and preserve their own cultural heritage and to appreciate those of others. That mutual recognition will foster strong bonds across cultures and contribute towards safe communities built on respect, trust and awareness.

I firmly believe we have all of these qualities in Wellington, but I also believe it didn’t happen by chance. It happened because our multicultural communities were resolute in their desire to work with one other and because they were committed to principles of tolerance and inclusion. Wellington is a much better place for it and I want to acknowledge and thank the Multi-cultural Council for the leadership role it plays.

Councillor David LeeWellington City Council
Councillor David Lee

There's a Muslim saying that goes "a lot of different flowers make a bouquet". Wellington is a vibrant landscape of cultures and ethnicities, and I am proud to call this city, where the ground is fertile for the cultivation of even greater diversity, my home. 


White Ribbon
Judge Peter Boshier
Former Chair, White Ribbon Advisory Committee

White Ribbon is delighted to be associated with the Multi-Cultural Council of Wellington. Our current theme is "Respectful Relationships" and it is vital that we work with others in our rich and diverse country. The Wellington Multi-Cultural Council has shown a strong interest in our White Ribbon non-violence message and the enthusiasm and commitment is infectious. I think we will achieve much together. Family violence remains one of New Zealand's most pressing social ills and so, to have the council's very obvious support is proving very helpful. We look forward to an increasing and enduring relationship.

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